Imagination is Everything


I hear often from women (and men) that they desire fashion in their life, but then they immediately convey to me thereafter that it is financially not feasible for them to pursue this desire.  I don’t consider myself a mind reader and don’t know the emotional source this is coming from, however I do know that it is possible to find really great designer duds on the cheap.  Trust me, I’ve done it, without much pocket change to work with.

The secret is to be creative with your sources and to be willing to be a treasure hunter. Imagination is everything. It also does take some knowledge of what you are looking at and this is why I am writing to you- to help you with having a discerning eye.  When you stumble upon something fabulous, you will know.

Comb those thrift stores, tag sales, stoop sales, designer resale, auctions, sale racks, sample sales, even the box marked free on the corner.  I have found some of my most fabulous treasures this way.  It takes patience, sometimes you will find nothing, but the patience is worth it for the time spent when you will find a real steal.  I literally do this all the time, every weekend in fact!  For me, it is fun, the hunting just as exciting as the treasure.

The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.
Albert Einstein


Courtesy of Polyvore, Far Fetch