Art Nouveau – Magyar Style


Art Nouveau is a decorative period which lasted from the very latter half of the 19th century to the very beginning of the 20th (1890-1910).  It is a philosophy as well as a period of art, architecture, graphic art, interior decoration, jewelry, textiles, etc.  It was really a transitory period between historical revival styles and modernism.

When I was in Budapest, Hungary last, we walked around admiring buildings of different periods and one such period was the Art Nouveau period.  There are many historical buildings in this gorgeous city which represent this part of history, in fact the city is well known for this. The Four Seasons Hotel/Gresham Palace, Paris Department Store and New York Cafe/Boscolo Hotel, are a few examples. We also visited the Art Nouveau Cafe and when there, it felt like you were transported to another realm in time, the Belle Epoque period specifically. Each of these historical landmarks are ever so marvelous and magnificent. I have no words for the beauty…..  One must see for themselves.

The terrifying and edible beauty of Art Nouveau architecture.
Salvador Dali


Courtesy of Wikipedia, Every Trail, Gayot, Digital Cosmonaut