Festive Frocks

sparkle sequin outfit fashionAs a ballet dancer and a gymnast, I wore many tulle and sequined frocks during my formative years. This was fine with me as I was a “little princess” as my father called me and loved fashion since the time I was practically out of the womb.  I loved to be styled and would just tell my mother to “dress me.” I trusted that she would have me dressed smart.  She had the style saavy.


I still love the festive frocks. I have many a sequin, jewel, and gemstone in my closet. I had a real problem for awhile because the only things I would purchase were impractical, my party clothes. I had many dresses for cocktail hour, studded heels, and fancy embellishments, but nothing to speak of in the name of everyday wear. I’ve grown up a bit since the days of my early to mid twenties, but I still love beautiful things. In my spirit, I am an actress, a dancer, what you dream is what you become.

I always try to balance the light with the heavy – a few tears of human spirit in with the sequins and the fringes.
Bette Midler


Warm Thanks to The LoveLee Girl, Net-A-Porter, Roberto Cavalli, Burberry